Ricardo Ric Diaz

Ricardo Diaz

Owner, Principal Auto Mechanic

Hello, all. I am Ricardo Diaz. I have always had a passion for cars. Growing up in Southern California, I learned from a young age that I had a passion for fixing up cars. That passion turned into my current occupation. As a teenager in high school, I got a part-time job working on cars. After realizing my full potential, I made a decision to move my family to Arizona and I went on to become an auto mechanic working at independent auto repair shops and for Honda Automotives Dealership for many years.

My dream was to open my own shop to help people keep their vehicles on the road by charging reasonable rates but also giving superior quality. In October of 2010, my dream of owning my own auto repair shop became a reality. My mission is to provide dealership quality service at non-dealership prices. As a family man, I know how difficult it is to afford auto repair expenses and firmly believe in only providing repairs that are needed. I treat all our customers the way they want to be treated: With respect, superior service and honesty.

When I am not running the shop, I am actively engaged in my family life, taking a direct role in my children’s activities. I take time to attend all their games. I also partake in golf every-so-often and I try to get in a couple swings here or there.

Thank you for supporting our shop and I look forward to how we can help you with your automotive issues. Please check our our profiles on Yelp and Google+. Follow and support us online.

Ricardo Diaz | Import Auto Experts Owner & Principal ASE Mechanic

Who Am I: Founder, Owner, ASE, Principal Mechanic

Experience: Over 20 years experience in repairing and maintaining Japanese manufacturer cars and trucks