Import Auto Experts introduces our support for Extended Warranties for our customers when their manufacturer warranty or dealership warranty expires. This can help lessen the shock that comes with the high costs of extended wear and repair on your new or used vehicles. Our Extended Warranties can help protect your pocketbook from the constant rising costs associated with repairing vehicles. Driving any vehicle increases the risks for potential breakdowns and no one has the ability to predict when a vehicle may have a problem.

Import Auto Expert’s Extended Warranty support is a smart way to help keep your vehicle delivering dependable performance when your vehicle is no longer covered by the original basic factory warranty. There is no shortage of dishonest extended warranties from competing auto shops. Our customers need to know that they can rely on Import Auto Expert’s Extended Warranty, which is why we guarantee all of our work.


Front Brakes Repair $49.95
Rear Brakes Repair $59.95
Rear Brakes Shoes $65.25
Axle $149.95 Each
Starters / Alternators $225.95 Plus Parts
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